Adjetives describing clothes

Types of AdjectivesBefore the adjectives you will normally have the Determiner.
Determiner: The determiner tells us if the noun is singular or plural, definite or indefinite
a, an, the, my, your, four, those, some etc

And then we have the adjectives that refer to…
Opinion: Explains what we think about something. This is usually our opinion, attitude or observations. These adjectives almost always come before all other adjectives.
beautiful, boring, stupid, delicious, useful, lovely, comfortable

Size: Tells us how big or small something is.
big, small, tall, huge, tiny

Shape / Weight / Length: Tells about the shape of something or how long or short it is. It can also refer to the weight of someone or something.
round, square, circular, skinny, fat, heavy, straight, long, short,

Condition: Tells us the general condition or state of something
broken, cold, hot, wet, hungry, rich, easy, difficult, dirty

Age: Tells us how old someone or something is.
old, young, new, ancient, antique

Colour: The colour or approximate colour of something.
green, white, blue, reddish, purple

Pattern: The pattern or design of something.
striped, spotted, checked, flowery

Origin: Tells us where something is from.
American, British, Italian, eastern, Australian, Chilean

Material: What is the thing made of or constructed of?
gold, wooden, silk, paper, synthetic, cotton, woollen

Purpose/Qualifier/Use: What is it for? These adjectives often end in –ing.
sleeping (bag), gardening (gloves), shopping (bag), wedding (dress)

If you look at the examples above, you can ask… what are the gloves used for? (gardening) What is the bag used for? (shopping)
And after these we adjectives we have the…
Noun: The person or thing that is being described