Hobbies presentation Task

Every group from 3th level has to follow the next steps to have completed the task.

1.Design a questionnaire/interview on how your classmate spend their spare, free time, the interests she/he has and how she/he chooses his/her hobbies.

2. Record the interview. this is one of the options you have to record it.
https://vocaroo.com/ and then post it on your wordpress blog, each one.

3. Make a presentation about your classmate and what you find from the interview and talk about him/her. This is in the classroom, could be power point or just a simple image, what makes this task challenging is the speaking about your classmate´s hobbies or leisure activities. Make sure you can explain why you like the activities.


Crazy Festivals

Australia Day Cockroach Races: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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